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George T. Abell Collection of antique maps
This cartographic collection was the gift of the estate of the late Midland oilman, George T. Abell. Mr Abell was interested travel, geography, the geology of the petroleum industry, and the history of the Southwest and the maps reflect these as well as other subjects. The collection contains over a hundred maps which range in date from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Notably, the collection also contains a 1573 copy of Abraham Ortelius's Theatrvm orbis terrarvm, considered by some as the first modern atlas of the world.

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Amon G. Carter Collection

Portrait of Amon G. CarterAmon Giles Carter (1879-1955) was a well-known and respected business leader in Texas and across the country. Though he is perhaps best known as a pre-eminent newspaper publisher, he was also very successful in the oil, cattle, and radio/television businesses. Ultimately, Carter's friends and colleagues included the most prominent names in government, business, industry, and entertainment. Carter’s philanthropy touched both individuals and institutions. He gave to educational institutions, hospitals, museums, churches, parks, and camps, some of which bear his name today. Carter was a major influence in the establishment of Texas Tech University and was a major contributor to Texas Christian University. He led a statewide campaign that resulted in the creation of Big Bend National Park. An avid proponent of the airline industry, he brought the headquarters of South West Air Corporation, later known as American Airlines, to Fort Worth, and secured government funding for a local aircraft factory that is known today as Lockheed-Martin.

The Amon G. Carter Papers consist of correspondence, photographs, newspapers, scrapbooks, and artifacts. The papers document the social, cultural, and business history of Fort Worth, Texas, and the Southwest, as well as Carter's personal and business interests. Processing of the papers is ongoing, but the correspondence and Carter’s personal papers are included in the finding aid linked to below. Please contact Special Collections with any questions regarding the finding aid or the papers.

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William Luther Lewis Collection

Volumes in the Lewis collections.One of the most significant of the library's special holdings is the William Luther Lewis Collection, representing over three hundred principal authors of English and American literature. The collection is composed of approximately fifteen hundred titles, nearly nine hundred of which are first editions. Almost all of the volumes are in uniquely fine condition. Assembled in the 1930s and 1940s by William Luther Lewis, the materials range in date from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. By and large, however, the collection consists of works written by the outstanding figures of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. It is housed in the library's Special Collections area on the second floor.

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Pate-Newcomer Luxembourg Collection

Luxembourg coat of armsOne of the largest such collections in the United States, the Pate-Newcomer Collection contains well over 1,500 catalogued items covering all aspects of the people, life, and culture of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. All materials are housed in the Pate Room of the Mary Couts Burnett Library at Texas Christian University. While primarily books, the collection includes materials of all kinds: maps, periodicals, pamphlets, government documents, art, photographs, and sound recordings. Most of the material is in Lëtzebuergesch, French, German, or English and was published in the Grand Duchy. A search of the collection in the library’s online public catalog quickly reveals the wide range of material.

The Luxembourg Collection is the result of the cooperative efforts of the late Mr A. M. Pate; his brother, Sebert Pate; Dr James Newcomer, Vice-Chancellor Emeritus of Texas Christian University; and the Library. It was Dr Newcomer, author of a history of the Grand Duchy, who first envisioned the Luxembourg Collection and it has largely been through his efforts that the materials are available for scholars and students.

Stamp from LuxembourgThe Pate-Newcomer Luxembourg Collection is available for use at any time the Mary Couts Burnett Library is open to the public. Special Collections staff can offer reference assistance in using the collection and they can be contacted at (817) 257-7108.

The Luxembourg Collection is made possible through the generosity of the late Mr A. M. Pate; Mrs Joyce Capper; Mr Sebert Pate; and Dr James Newcomer, Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, Texas Christian University.

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Speaker Jim Wright Collection

Photo of Speaker Jim WrightJim Wright represented Texas’s Twelfth District in the U.S. House of Representatives for thirty-four years, from 1955 to 1989. During that time, he authored major legislation in the fields of foreign affairs, economic development, water conservation, and energy. The Interstate Highway System, Clean Water Program, and flood control are a few examples of the programs and issues he helped to advance while in office. Over time, he rose in stature within the Democratic Party. He was the House Majority Leader from 1976 to1986 and Speaker of the House from 1987 to 1989. As Speaker, Wright presided over the 100th Congress, one of the most productive in terms of legislation passed in the House’s history. Speaker Wright’s efforts included working to reduce the national deficit and finding a way to bring peace to Central America.

The Speaker Jim Wright Collection consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual material, books, and memorabilia that document his political career. The Jim Wright Papers, which span from 1911 to 2004, highlight the Collection. The papers provide insight into Wright’s relationship with his home district, as well as that with his colleagues in the House. In addition, the papers are an excellent representation of the social and political issues in the United States during the second half of the twentieth century.

The processing of the papers is ongoing, but the majority of them are included in the finding aids linked to below. Please contact Special Collections with questions regarding the finding aid or about gaining access to the papers themselves.

Finding aids for the Jim Wright Papers:

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